Complaints Policy And Process

The LJE has a complaints and appeals process that can be utilised should an author believe a lack of compliance with the Journal’s Statement of Ethics and Responsibilities (to be found at ) has taken place, or if they are appealing a decision made by the editors regarding their work. The process is to also to be utilised should an author have concerns about a perceived delay in the manuscript review process, or the discovery of errata post-publication.

All complaints/reports and/or concerns about publication ethics (as per the Statement), pleas for appeal against charges of such, or the manuscript review process, must be sent to, whereupon they will be forwarded to and discussed by the LJE’s managing editors ( ).

What Happens Next?

The LJE’s Editorial Board will review the merits of the argument of the complaint or appeal, and decide on a course of action to be taken, as per Committee on Publication Ethics guidelines ( ), utilising LJE’s internal procedures.

Complaints will be provided appropriate feedback concerning ethical concerns, or whether an editorial decision to reject or revise a manuscript should stand or be revised, and the final decision of the LJE’s managing editors. As noted in the Journal’s Statement of Ethics and Responsibilities, post-publication articles found to violate publication ethical standards will be retracted.